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"music is made for talking

to the hearts of men, and I want

get there, if I can. "

(Luigi Boccherini)










Florentine by birth, Cosimo Carovani graduated with honors from the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory in Florence under the guidance of Andrea Nannoni, while attending courses at the Fiesole School of Music with Filippo Burchietti. Later he perfected himself with the masters Giovanni Gnocchi and Stefano Cerrato at the “Incontri col Maestro” Academy in Imola and in 2018 with Enrico Dindo at the Pavia Cello Academy. He obtained his Bachelor's degree KA from the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Media in Hanover, under the guidance of Tilmann Wick. He is the winner of scholarships, including the prestigious DAAD Preis or Live Music Now Stipendium, the Börsen Club Hannover, the Giuseppe Scotese Award, the Jeunesse Musical, the Morosini Fund Culture Award and both national competitions (XVIII National Competition " Riviera della Versilia "Daniele Ridolfi, International Competition" Crescendo "City of Florence, Hohenloher Kultursommer) and international (International Competition of Instrumental and Vocal Execution Young Talents Association Rovere d'oro, 17th National Competition of Chamber Music" Giulio Rospigliosi "Lamporecchio , Jeneusse Musical Award 2016).


Soloist, chamber musician and composer, he has perfected and collaborated with great musical personalities, including Andrea Lucchesini, Antonello Farulli, the Quartet of Cremona, G. Turconi, Johannes Meissln, Oliver Wille, Ulf Schneider, Ebahard Feltz, Reiner Schmidt, Volker Jakobson , Luc-Marie Aguera, H. Müller, and the legendary first violin of the Alban Berg quartet, G. Pichler.

He participated in the European Academy of the Quartet (ECMA), followed the specialization courses for string quartet at the Fiesole Music School and at the Musikhochschule in Hannover.


Chamber player by vocation, he is the cellist of the Quartetto Indaco (quartet in residence at “Milano Classica” and the “highScore” Festival in Pavia), with whom he has an international career (finalist at the 2017 “Paolo Borciani” International Competition). He has played for broadcasters such as Radio Tre piazza Verdi, Rai 5, or the NDR of Hannover and has participated in various festivals as a chamber musician and soloist, such as Heidelberger Frühlings (2014-2016-2017), Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, NDR Musikwochen, International MusikFest Goslar, Grunelius Concert in Frankfurt, the Society of the Quartet of Milan, Festival "Paesaggi Toscani", Festival Anima Mundi, Palazzo Marino in Musica, Milan Concert Society Music Festival in the Cloisters, Quator in Bordeaux, Sound Trame Festival, Stradivari Festival of Cremona and many others.


He is first cello at the “Milano Classica” Chamber Orchestra and has collaborated with orchestras such as OGI, Orchestra “Leonore” (first violoncello) of Pistoia, Orchestra Uni.Mi. (first cello), “Vincenzo Galilei” Orchestra, OFT of Turin, Murcia Youth Orchestra, “La Follia Barocca”, Neue Musik Ensemble of Hanover.


He also studied contemporary orchestration, composition and word processing with Andrea Portera. Winner of several public competitions with the "Sconfinarte" house in Milan: his compositions were performed at the Teatro alla Pergola, at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino at the Paesaggi Musicali Toscani festival, Agimus in Florence and in 2018 he received a commission for a concert for mandolin and orchestra for Avi Avital, in 2019 for a cello concert for Enrico Bronzi and in 2020 a piece for solo viola “In Freiheit” for Simone Gramaglia.

He actively collaborates with internationally renowned soloists such as, Avi Avital, Enrico Bronzi, Uri Caine, Jorge Bosso, Derek Bermel, Steven Swedish, Claudia Barainsky, Julian Bliss, Christian Löffler, Giovanni Bietti and many others.

With the pianist Stefano Ligoratti with whom he has a stable duo since 2017, he began to record for the musical house "Brillant", with which he recorded the complete quartets of the Pavese composer Giovanni Albini (2019), the complete never recorded of music for cello and piano by composer Georg Goltermann. He also records with "da Vinci Publishing" and Ema Vinci di Giuseppe Scali with which he won the Siae "Per chi Crea" 2019 call.


He is the dedicatee of many pieces written for both cello and quartet by composers such as Giovanni Sollima, Alessandro Solbiati, Federico Maria Sardelli, Nicola Sani, Michele Sarti, including the two pieces by Giovanni Albini and Davide Tammaro on the CD "ad Antiqua", but also the “Songs after the Apocalypse” for quartet and “Via Lucis delle Ombre” for concertante quartet and string orchestra by Andrea Portera.


He plays a Charles Claudot cello from 1840.

















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