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"Their performance is like an amazing fireworks display, so brilliant that the walls of the hall barely contained it"


Ttela Newspaper (Sweden)



“Compact, full of enamel and exuberance, a real revelation. The Indaco Quartet has strings in its quiver that score for clear precision, concentration and great skill ”.


The Journal of Vicenza



"The Indaco surprised me for the quality of the sound, the impeccable combination and the commitment to make the dialogue between the instruments intelligible"

The Fruitful Seed: Amadeus 12/17/2018




"The musicians made Beethoven's intentions sublime, with light and delicate touches in the Adagi or more energetic and gritty in the Allegri or Vivace, in perfect communion with their instrument and in harmony with the other members of the group, through particular looks of understanding. The harmony of the performance allowed the audience to feel fully involved in the overwhelming or calm rhythm, in an ecstatic abandonment of the soul. "

Martina Ragone for Il Messaggero Italiano 08/02/2019 on

Roll Over Beethoven for Micat in Vertice at the Chigiana di Siena




"... Well, the Cavalcade we heard at the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium, also redone in the very generous encores, was something absolutely new and intriguing. A rewriting and arrangement curated by that genius of Uri Caine on the piano, with the accordion of Ted Reichman and with the strings of the Indaco Quartet that dragged the audience into a mixture of romanticism, virtuosity and narrative force ... "


Cremona Today 30.09.2019

Ride of the Valkyries from ovation for Caine, Reichman and Indigo quartet




I conclude with a dutiful and special commendation to the renewed Indaco Quartet which, as announced, last week performed at the MA.MU. - in a state of absolute grace - the Quartet in F major by Ravel and the Quintet in G major, opera 111 by Brahms. Two perfect performances, exciting and strongly participated by young musicians who have achieved a magnificent sound and an exemplary amalgam, and who have fully entered the elite of the most important Italian Quartets.


Milan Archipelago 07/01/2020 Paolo Viola



"... the performance of the young - but already established - Quartetto INDACO does not fail in its task, that of knowing how to grasp the composer's sounds and ideas, injecting them directly into the mind and heart of the listener."


Songs after the apocalypse Quartetto Indaco - Andrea Portera, five stars on TGmusic.it, reviewed by Gabriele Cupaiolo 18/01/2021


"Together with them there are other chamber musicians to be rediscovered: the Indaco Quartet, for example, led by the determined Eleonora Matsuno, first Hispanic, between Ravel and Turina, and then contemporary, with a series of Dante's songs by today's authors, in absolute premiere . Perfect, mirrored in the Corte Beccaguti Cavriani collection. "

Il Sole 24 ore 06/06/2021